Thalia Lapse HD/R
Timelapse video in HDR on the iPhone

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Timelapse video in true HDR shot on nothing but an iPhone. Watch it in full-screen mode.

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This video was shot in Illinois and Utah on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 using Thalia Lapse HD/R. Postprocessing was done in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro using filters from the Boris Continuum Suite.

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How Does It Work?

The patent-pending HD/R technology in Thalia Lapse HD/R takes several different exposures of the same scene for each video frame and works magic (technical term: tonemapping) to turn them into a video stream reflecting the scene’s dynamic range.

What’s Next?

The medium-term goal is to bring HDR recording of live video (i.e., not timelapse) to consumer devices. Right now, the computational power and in some cases also the camera APIs of popular cell phones and similar devices aren’t quite there yet, but we expect that they will be within a few years. Remember that the image merging and tonemapping that Thalia Lapse HD/R performs in real time as it records a video used to take tens of seconds or even minutes for a single image on a powerful desktop computer just a few years ago.

In the meantime, we expect some really great things to happen this fall. We can’t talk about details yet, but iOS is evolving, and so is Lapse HD/R.

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Privacy policy: Thaliacam Lapse HD/R currently does not send any information outside of your iPhone (other than bug reports and similar data sent by your iPhone’s operating system, if enabled). In the future, it may send general, anonymous usage data such as histograms of images home to aid in development, but never the images or video files themselves.
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